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Retrato de CarmenCecilia


Meu amor

Eu estou meio que assim

Impar; Pois cadê o meu par.

Inconsequente, mas que me deixa sem ar...

Irreverente, mas que me cala no olhar...

Conquista a primeira vista...

E que de minha agora dista...

Estou afônica

Sem tua tônica...

Estou catatônica

Sem tuas mãos inquietantes

Que me buscam insistentemente...

Estou à mercê de emoções várias

Mas simplesmente contrárias

A tua ausência...

A tua essência

Que de mim fizeram moradia...

Que de mim fizeram ousadia...

Estou à procura de ti em mim...

Para que eu possa novamente

Encontrar-te em mim...

A vida e essa viagem

Tem planos tantos

Um dia aqui...

Outro acolá...

Pra quem sabe

Nada exista a nos separar

Carmen Cecilia


Retrato de CarmenCecilia



Amores que vem e vão...

Amores que são em vão

Amores que não resistem a uma estação

Mas há amores ternos

Que na nossa emoção são eternos

Amores que fluem...

Não importa a estação

São como nuvens...

Cortina que desatina

Mas que descortinam

Nosso coração...

Carmen Cecilia

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Luiz Felipe Scolari leaves Brazil

Brazil coach Luiz Felipe Scolari has left his post after his side's FIFA 14 Coins .

Luiz Felipe Scolari has left his position as Brazil coach after his side's disappointing World Cup campaign.

The 65-year-old won the World Cup back in 2002 in his first stint with the Brazilian national side, and was tasked with doing the same again on home soil when he was reappointed by the Seleção in 2012.

Things looked promising as he swept up the Confederations Cup last summer, though his side were markedly less impressive when the World Cup came around. They topped their group and eliminated Chile and Colombia in the knockout stages, though suffered a record-breaking 7-1 humiliation at the hands of eventual winners Germany in the semifinal. They were no better in the third-place playoff, losing 3-0 after a toothless performance against the Netherlands.

Scolari refused to step down after the fifa 14 coins xbox 360 , instead insisting the decision rested with the president of the Brazilian FA. However, they have now decided to go their separate ways. You can go to read more information

Neymar Was One Of Those Who Viewed On As A Team Of B razil

Neymar recovering well through thigh and knee stress, says Brazil doctor. After which the our website is the best web-site ever known to buy the affordable fifa coins pc to take pleasure from the football game essentially and make sure you have the most amazing time period! FIFA 14 Coins IOS Neymar is making fine progress in his recovery via thigh and knee hits ahead of Friday’s World Pot quarter-final against Colombia, Brazil’s team doctor said about Tuesday. The Barcelona onward came out of last Saturday’s last-16 win against Republic of chile battered and bruised nevertheless has undergone treatment with Brazil’s Teresopolis training bottom part and will train normally about Wednesday.

“He took some sort of blow to the left thigh plus the right knee, but he’s got worked alongside the rest of the group. He is recovering very well, very well doctor Jose Luiz Runco told journalists. For the subsequent day running, those people who started the epic collide against Chile were tied to indoor work, and Runco hit back at strategies in the Brazilian media how the team are not training challenging enough, with the match versus Colombia only three nights away. “I need the team to play, not to teach, ” he said.”They need to rest. They performed 120 minutes at one out of the afternoon and it was obviously a game that used up plenty of strength physically and psychologically. “Neymar reserves won 2-0 in a practice match towards a youth side through Rio de Janeiro club Fluminense upon Tuesday, with Paulinho rating both goals. The Tottenham Hotspur midfielder was decreased from the side against Republic of chile after disapp

ointing during the team stage, but is the leading competitor to come back into the team towards Colombia in the absence of Luiz Gustavo due to suspension.

Another options for coach Luiz Felipe Scolari are to introduce Hernanes for the first time in this World Cup, and even push David Luiz ahead into a holding midfield part with Dante coming into main defense. Meanwhile, Chelsea midfielder Ramires, another player within the fringes of the starting retinue, insisted that Brazil tend to be better prepared to handle tension after the dramatic win over Republic of chile.”If we have to go through the same task again, we will be much better ready, ” he said in a press conference, recalling the actual penalty shoot-out success from the Chileans. Several Brazil gamers broke down in tears right after, and even before the shoot-out, such as captain Thiago Silva. Ramires added: “It was the feelings of the occasion, playing with regard to 90 minutes plus additional time and penalties in the heat along with 200 million people advocating you to win. “The group is prepared to deal with the actual emotional side of things both on as well as off the field .read more: FIFA 14 Xbox 360 Coins

Retrato de Carmen Vervloet


Ilusão de felicidade eterna,
cingida por juras verdadeiras e sinceras
que o amor faz enquanto floresce.
Tempo de trocas, cumplicidade e afeto,
onde o amor, grande arquiteto,
é pródigo em benesses.
Mas vem a rotina que tudo transforma,
vem impondo novas normas
e escasseando a pródiga messe.
Os horizontes dourados,
os sonhos juntos sonhados
perdem-se entre carinhos cansados.
Surgem as sombras nos semblantes,
o abatimento inquietante,
o peso de cada instante.
Falta a coragem de assumir o fim,
de deixar pra trás o esplim
e florescer outra vez em outro jardim.

Stephen Hawking Calculates England’s Odds of Success

Since 1966, England had never won the World Cup. England reporters are very helpless for their downturn. That how can the Three Lions lift the cup again is extremely hard. xbox one fifa coins The famous scientist Stephen Hawking was startled by this news.. Hence, this old man studied for a long time with some achievement finally. In the conference, he elucidated factors that influence the success of England.

Stephen Hawking is one of the most outstanding scientist, famous for his masterpiece A Brief History of Time and other influential works. He pointed several factors that will influence England winning the champion.

First of all, the Three Lions need to match at an altitude of 500 meters below the ground. The odds will go down 59 percent when temperature goes up only five degrees Celsius. Second, having the game at three o’clock in the afternoon in red shirts would increase the success odds.

In addition, he also analyze the Three Lion prospect from perspectives of tactics. He thought it was useful with 4-3-3 formation. Hawking concluded: “factors if England can win can be summarized with the following: environment, physiological, psychological, political and other aspects of integrated tactical data.”

At the end of conference, he joked he would not bet on England lifting the cup, but he will go on studying astrospace and his philanthropy. read more: FIFA 14 Xbox 360 Coins

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Retrato de Carmen Vervloet

Pra Frente Brasil

Entre erros e acertos
Vai avançando nossa Seleção
Debaixo de incentivos e muito aperto
Sob a batuta do grande Felipão.

Neymar dando show de bola,
David Luiz o atento guardião,
Júlio Cesar, exemplo de superação,
Salva o Brasil da degola.

Nessa Copa não existe time fraco
A luta pela taça é ferrenha
Mas vamos tocando nosso cavaco
Colocando fogo na nossa lenha.

E ao grito de “O CAMPEÃO VOLTOU”
Vamos empurrando nossa seleção
A sexta estrela no céu já brilhou
E se acendeu em nosso coração.

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